Interactive Dashboard

The interactive dashboard summarizes your FDI results & trends, performance indicators & success metrics, quality of investment and much more. The dashboard can be customized and is fully responsive to changes in the underlying data.

* Interative dashboard sample

fDi Markets integration & data exchange

Import project data from fDi Markets

This feature ensures you don't miss investments by directly connecting to fDi Markets to import the real time project data flows. You will receive notifications when the fDi Markets database tracks a project announced or opened in your jurisdiction and you can import projects seamlessly to populate your accounting system at anytime.

Free feature available to subscribers of fDi Markets (fDi Intelligence, Financial Times Limited).

Promote your location: Publish successes to fDi Markets

You can decide which projects to upload to fDi Markets to ensure that fDi Markets has full coverage of your location. You can tag confidential projects so that they are not uploaded

Rapid Implementation / Easy system set-up

Build your accounting metrics & success criteria

Our expert team will explain our best practice methodology for qualifying and measuring FDI results, impact and performance.

The accounting system is very flexible and can be quickly customized based on your required accounting practices and criteria.

Set annual budgets and targets

Define your organization's annual operating budget and headcount and your FDI targets to calculate accounting metrics for Return on Investment and Actual vs Target comparisons

Tools allow you to set annual targets for your organization for # project successes / new jobs / capital investment / average salary levels and more

Import & Data entry tools

Upload projects in Excel

Upload excel files of your project successes directly into the accounting system using the sophisticated uploader and data cleaning tool

Manually add projects

User friendly data entry web forms allow you to enter and securely store successes with all related information. Data entry is optimized to be very fast and simple

* Data entry web-form
* Project Qualification web-form

Project / success database

The interactive project database allows you to manage & download your successes with sorting, searching, filtering and excel exporting tools

* Project/success database
* Project/success grid

Filtering & Searching tools

Sophisticated data mining tools for quick and easy access and organisation of your projects

Excel Download tool

Our export tools make it simple to export your data into Excel in seconds

fDi Trends & Analysis

Produce detailed analysis of FDI trends. All trends can be exported into Excel, Microsoft word, PowerPoint and PDF

* Time series trends
* % Share pie charts


Create feature rich, exportable Accounting and fDi reports in the form of Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDFs with your own data, charts, branding and contact information in seconds.