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Subscription Options

We offer 3 different packages to suit the Accounting requirements of your IPA/EDO. All package options are annual licenses.

Tracking Version

Track, Record, Report


  • Identify, Record & Qualify your
    project successes
  • Track companies investing with
    live fDi Markets updates
  • Dashboard to monitor results
  • Trends and Reporting tools

Evaluation Version

Track, Evaluate, Measure


  • Tracking Version +
  •   Measure your Involvement in securing
    the investments
  • Measure the Quality of Investment attracted
  •    Assess Return on Investment metrics
    for your EDO/IPA

Network Version

Track, Evaluate, Measure, Collaborate


  • Tracking Version +
  • Evaluation Version +
  • Partner with other EDO/IPA Shared
    platform and uniform methodology
  • Central Dashboard, Trends & Reporting for
    all EDOs/IPAs in the network

Bespoke & Custom versions

WAVTEQ offers a consultancy service with bespoke development packages to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our dedicated software team will work with your organisation to design, build and deploy the system that best fits your accounting methodology.

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